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Thank you for your interest in working with Brunswick County Schools. 

Certified positions are any positions that require a current NC teaching license, such as:

  • elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers,
  • secondary vocational teachers,
  • special education teachers,
  • community education teachers, and
  • summer teachers.

For these positions, we accept applications year-round.  Current full-time or part-time employees must submit a letter of interest and/or current résumé, to the Human Resources Division, outlining their qualifications.  External applicants must complete an online application at: http://schooljobs.dpi.state.nc.us

All applications are completed online, we do not accept paper applications as we have in the past.  All applicants on file for this class of position will be considered.  Principals and directors will screen applications, then contact those best suited for the position to schedule for interviews.

All vacancies are posted on our web page at: http://schooljobs.dpi.state.nc.us.  Vacancies are posted daily, so be sure to check our website frequently.  You must submit the necessary information prior to the closing date listed on the posting to be considered for a position.



Do You Have a Teaching License?

All certified employees must hold or be qualified to hold a license from the State of North Carolina. If you have questions about licensure, please select the Licensure Q & A link from the North Carolina Public Schools web page or go to:


In addition, all persons teaching core academic subjects at the elementary, middle, or high school levels must be "highly qualified" as specified by PL-107-110, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. "Highly qualified" means that new teachers must be certified by the State (including alternative routes to State certification), hold at least a bachelor's degree, and pass a rigorous State test on subject knowledge and teaching skills.

Other documents needed to complete an application include:

  1. University placement file, if applicable.
  2. Current, degree-dated transcript(s) for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  3. Praxis Series Exam  Scores.
  4. North Carolina Teaching License or license from another state.
  5. Completed and signed Waiver and Release of Personnel Information form.

If you hold a teaching license from another state and wish to apply for a North Carolina license, please refer to this site for information and forms:


After completing an application, we invite you to contact the contact person listed on each vacancy to let them know you have an online application and you are interested in being interviewed. Principals are always interested in hearing from qualified applicants. School addresses and e-mail addresses are located on our schools page.


Thank you for your interest in working with Brunswick County Schools -- we accept applications year-round.  Classified positions include: 

  • paraprofessionals,
  • nurses,
  • clerical and secretarial positions,
  • child nutritionists,
  • building and grounds maintenance positions,
  • community education positions,
  • support services, and
  • administrative positions.

Current full-time or part-time employees must apply for internal postings on a BCS computer.  Go to (you do not have to login) and click on Job Postings.  When you see a vacancy you are interested in, click on the APPLY button, complete the information, and SUBMIT. You can reach an HR representative at (910)253-2900 extension 1040. To be employed as a teacher assistant (paraprofessional), you must be willing and able to drive/monitor a school bus. In addition, the Federal "No Child Left Behind" regulations require that you hold a minimum of an Associates Degree from an institute of higher education (IHE) or 48 semester hours toward an Associate's Degree from an accredited community college or an IHE. 

After completing an online application, we invite you to phone any of our schools. Principals are always interested in hearing from qualified applicants. School addresses and e-mail addresses are located on our web page.


Please DO NOT send your transcripts or any other paperwork to HR unless you have been made an offer of employment.