North Brunswick High School
114 Scorpion Drive
Leland, NC 28451 

           Mr. Paul Price, Principal              
Mrs. Kimberly Brown, Assistant Principal
Dr. Callahan-Hayes, Assistant Principal
 Mr. Brad Lewis, Assistant Principal  

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NBHS Mission Statement


To graduate college and career ready students well-grounded in American democratic principles and prepared to meet the challenges presented by an increasingly global society. 

NBHS Vision Statement


To be a learning community striving for continual improvement and career and college readiness for our students

North Brunswick High School Student Expectations

Respect yourself by working hard.
Respect others.
 Be on time, seated and ready to learn by the tardy bell.
Raise your hand to seek permission to speak or get out of your seat.
No food or drink is allowed in the classroom (except for water). 

CFNC - College Foundation of North Carolina

Summer Assignments