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Mr. Askia Kirby--Principal

Ms. Ashley Vickery--Assistant Principal


What's Happening at Supply Elementary?

Monday, Feb. 10--Award's Day (5th Grade, 9:35; 4th Grade, 10:20; 3rd Grade, 11:40; 2nd Grade, 1:55; Kindergarten and 1st Grade, None.

Thursday and Friday, Feb. 13 and 14--Make up days

Tuesday, Feb. 25--Science Night!

Read To Achieve

Parents, check out this narrated PowerPoint Presentation on YouTube from the NC Department of Public Instruction. The Read To Achieve law went into effect at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year. This law affects all students in grades K-3 in North Carolina. http://youtu.be/qu0itfMv3TE

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