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Dear Parents:


Belville Elementary School has recently implemented an academic model for

 parental involvement that will provide our teachers, students, and families

 with valuable materials.  These resources were designed to help your child

 achieve success in the classroom.


Research continues to support the theory that an involved parent makes a

hugh difference in a student's academic achievement.  Our goal is to involve

you in your child's education.  We are providing you with hundreds of

meaningful and appropriate activities within the areas of math, reading,

language arts, and science.  Many parents have told us that they do not know

how to help their children with some of their homework.  These  activities are

meant to give you the ability to understand the concepts, as well as a quick

refresher on these important learning objectives.  These activities were

 written with parents in mind;  you do not have to be a subject expert to help

your child complete the activities.  For those activities requiring materials,

most are common items that can be found in the home.


Experts in their respective fields wrote our library of articles.  Please review

at your convenience and let us know your thoughts on these articles and

suggestions for future articles.


Not only will this allow you to contribute to your child's education, but will

also make you aware of areas that your child may need help or benefit from

enrichment.  Ensuring that your children master the important foundation

skills will help them become confident and successful students.


We are excited about your child's success and welcome any questions you

may have.




Tracy Coston