Awards Day Ceremony Dates & Times

Tuesday, June 7th

12:00    5th Grade

1:00    Kindergarten

2:00     2nd Grade


 Wednesday, June 8th

9:00  4th Grade

10:00   3rd Grade

11:00     1st Grade

Do you ask yourself........

I wonder how my child is doing in class?

We have the answer to your question 24 hrs a day.  Just click on the links below to get started or contact  the school at 910-371-0601 ask for Mrs. Chadwick, Data Manager opt. 3 or Mrs. AJ Johnson, Parent Facilitator opt 4.

Parent Portal Information: How-To Guide Now Online


With school fully underway, more and more parents are likely looking to log into or more fully access the Parent Portal and its features. Perhaps your school or district is planning a parent communication around promoting portal use. If so, you’ll find a great resource in the new online guide “Parent Portal Guide: How-to for Parents” that offers a practical Q&A addressing questions including:

• What is truenorthlogic, PowerSchool, Schoolnet and OpenClass,

• How to get started in the Parent Portal and where to find student grades and assignments,

• Setting up parent notifications including notification types, and

• Answers to accessibility issues.

Access the guide directly here:



Observing the busy animals and blooming plant life during spring can help your youngster learn about and appreciate nature.  Try these activities.

Classify animals

Which creatures live in your area? When you spot one, have your child name it and say the category it belongs in.  You may see frogs (amphibians), lizards (reptiles), robins (birds), deer (mammals), and butterflies (insects). Suggest that he/she draw and label pictures of the animals.

Watch for blooms

Encourage your youngster to look for trees or flowers with closed buds, buds that are beginning to open,  and blossoms. Talk about why some bloom before others.  For example, they may get more or less sunlight, or they may have different rates of growth.  Let him/her check back in a few days to see how the plants have changed.